Is this new German compact heater the perfect solution to the UK gas crisis?
See how you can stay warm this winter, without going broke...

Published 31st October 2022 | Advertorial

Summary: Brits order this new German mini heater as a cheap alternative to gas for the expensive winter ahead.  Compact, super efficient, and able to warm a room in minutes, for cheap - it's no surprise sales have soared in recent weeks, as the supplier struggles to keep up with demand. But just how good is it? And, where can you still pick it up?

Analysts are warning us this winter will be "extremely expensive, tough and long for many Brits"...

Gas bills for central heating are predicted to be in the "thousands of pounds at least". The future doesn't look great either with gas next winter expected to be expensive too...

Of course, food and fuel costs have shot up also, which is adding to the stress and panic for many...

But thankfully, it's not all doom and gloom!

A German company has just started selling their premium compact, mini heater, the Heater Pro X, in the UK - and it's really, really good!

It'll warm up your rooms quickly, efficiently, and most importantly - cheaply!

Naturally, they are struggling to keep up with the huge demand in the UK. Many are already ordering theirs in preparation for the winter ahead. Demand is likely to skyrocket once Autumn temperatures kick in next month. 

If you hate being cold, but don't want massive central heating bills - this is the best solution we can see right now...

The heater is portable, uses only a minimal amount of electricity when running, and best of all, it's smart and easy to use!

How does it work?

The exact technicals are a closely guarded secret, for obvious reasons.

It appears to use a special ceramic material that heats up fast and holds the heat for long periods, and a new type of very efficient induction coil technology. 

The results are a heater that is able to be super-efficient, effective and quiet! 

The  Heater Pro X is claimed to be 37% more efficient than most of its competitors. And MUCH cheaper than gas this winter!

The innovative Instaheat™ technology it uses was designed to heat large office spaces to combat rising energy prices in Europe and save companies money.

However, due to the massive and sudden increase in gas prices this year, they've quickly pivoted and released a smaller, compact version for the public and home use!

What else can you do with it?

One of the useful features is the programmable timer - you can program this too, for example, warm up your bathroom or kitchen minutes before you get up!

Plus, the remote control makes it very easy to get cozy and set the temperature.

Automatic safety shut-off was also thought of in the creation - a sensor was added that ensures that the Heater Pro X turns off completely if it (for any reason) gets too hot.

For the latest Heater Pro X offers and to check availability click here

"There's simply no way I can pay for central heating in my flat all winter. I work from home and we have a newborn too. I am very satisfied with the purchase of this product! It is more than what I expected and the delivery is also fast and comes in a well-protected box. I looked at the reviews and they really convinced me. It certainly keeps our living room toasty on a morning." - Stefan P.

"Excellent value for money and very fast delivery. Good prices and came quickly. I bought two devices as they offered the best value for mone. I will definitely recommend to my friends as they really do a great job keeping my rooms comfortable." - Anna R.

"Arrived in a week. I was lucky to get mine as I saw they were sold out the next day! Very easy to use, warms my kitchen/living room to a decent warmth on a medium setting. Can't wait to try it out on a cold January morning - I have faith that'll keep us warm enough with the central heating set to low." - Kim G.

Conclusion: is it worth it?

In short, yes!

Stop worrying about your gas bill this winter. Give yourself peace of mind and order yours today. 

Winter is not far away and you'll be glad you made the right decision by purchasing one for heating the parts of your home that you need warm!

Don't let your quality of life continue to suffer. Save expensive energy bills and keep warm anywhere in winter! Buy  Heater Pro X  for half price with free worldwide shipping - Why not get one for your friends too?

Main Benefits
  • Save money on your energy bills: Stop worrying about the gas crisis and keep yourself warm this winter!

  • Fast heating: up to 250 square meters in minutes Instaheat technology™

  • Compact space-saving design: no messy cables or heavily lifting (plugs directly into the wall).

  • Programmable timer: warm-up rooms ahead of time so they are comfortable and cozy for you 

  • Safe: Overheat protection system will automatically shut off when it gets too hot to avoid disaster.

  • Easy to Use & Super Quiet: Plug in and play! So quiet you'll forget it's there!

  • Low Stock: In high demand. Currently only available through the official site - click any links on this article to check stock!

Who is ordering the Heater Pro X?

As far as we can see - everyone!  

Many Europeans are rushing to order theirs now too...

Even those that can afford the gas price hikes, still don't want to pay it. The news of the heater is spreading like wild fire on social media and they are struggling to keep up with demand. 

Demand will only grow week by week and more people prepare for winter. Our tip; order yours today to avoid a shortage later on. 

How much is the Heater Pro X?

A word of warning, prices will be going up as winter gets closer and temperatures start to drop in Autumn. We've already seen scammers trying to order 10 at a time, only to resell them on Amazon or ebay for 10X the price once the official site is sold out...

However, we contacted the supplier, and they've given us a special link to a discount page where you can get up to 50% off full price. (only on a limited amount of orders!)

Exclusive Heater Pro X Discount – 50% Off - Check Availability >>

Exclusive Heater Pro X Discount – 50% Off!

See the latest official discount and sales here: 

*  Discount only available on a limited amount of orders!

Properly decent this is. Very happy I was able to grab one when in stock. Gonna be perfect when I can't afford my gas!


Saw this on a review site and ordered it straight away. Was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised by just how good it is. 
I've ordered one more for my elderly parents as it will do just the job. 

Highly recommend. 


They made this just in the nick of time. I ordered mine at full price, and don't regret it at all. This will be a godsend in the middle of winter when the government runs out of gas or it becomes just too expensive to have the central heating on. 100% would recommend!

Shaun P

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